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Ashton Shaw 
Specialist Psychology Services

I have worked as a psychologist in the NHS since 2006 and then in private practice since 2015. I specialise in working with adults, children, adolescents and families and have a special interest in Developmental Trauma. In my NHS roles I have supervised and trained other clinicians from a wide range of backgrounds, held responsibilities in clinical leadership and service planning. Since transitioning to private practice I have appeared on C4, published blog articles with the BPS, and am constantly striving to keep my knowledge and skills up to date through training, supervision & research.

I have worked in many clinical settings including  High Secure Psychiatric Hospitals, Specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), Learning Disability Medium Secure Unit, and residential support.                          
I am trained in several
evidence-based therapeutic models and tend to use an integrated approach tailored to fit each client and situation. I focus on developing a good relationship with my clients to enable them to engage with the model that best fits them. If you would like some additional information, some of the specific therapies I am trained in are summarised in the link below:


                                        Models of Therapy


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