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'Clinical Psychologist' is a protected title reserved for those who have undergone a specific doctoral level of training.

Clinical Psychologists have had to prove their clinical skills with clients and also their knowledge through examinations in:
- at least three talking therapies
- neuropsychology
- child and adolescent mental health
- adult mental health
- older adult mental health
- the range of psychiatric disorders
- the full range of complexity from mild to in-patient care
- different ways of reducing distress and improving well-being
(individuals, families, groups etc.)

A Chartered Clinical Psychologist  has completed British Psychology Society-recognised education and training of at least six years' duration and has demonstrated knowledge, skills and autonomous practice to professional doctorate standard.

Whilst Clinical Psychologists will specialise after training, they have an extensive foundation to draw upon. This is helpful as people rarely fit neatly into one box or need exactly the same approach. Instead a 'formulation' is used which is unique to that person and forms a completely bespoke way of helping.

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