ashtonshaw psychological therapies
Ashton Shaw 
Specialist Psychology Services

Sessions are usually held weekly to begin with and then decrease in frequency towards the end of therapy. We agree your own reserved time slot, with the specific day and time decided between us dependent on specific needs and our availability. 

It is essential to meet in a space that is
private and feels safe, where we will not be interrupted and you can relaxed. I have a dedicated therapy room at 54 St James Street, Liverpool. As the room is exclusively for the use of myself and my clients use we can always meet in the same place and I am able to be as flexible as possible with appointments. I have plentiful supply of tea and coffee and there are usually some biscuits around.

If you take a look at the contact page there is a location map. If we agree to go ahead with an initial assessment I will email you further details regarding location and parking etc.

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